About us

FOLAR is the acronym for "friends of the landscape library and archive at (the University of) Reading".

We welcome anyone who shares our aims and objectives to join us.

FOLAR is keen to see the landscape collections at Reading promoted, used for research and to grow over time. These archival records need to be valued and conserved because, as one of our members, Lindsey Abbott, put it when describing the Landscape Institute's library and archive: "(it) is not a static canon but rather an evolving body of work that documents trends over time through a variety of media"

Many, but not all FOLAR members are also current or retired members of the Landscape Institute Want to learn more?

We became FOLAR after the Landscape Institute's library and archive were deposited at the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) in 2013. MERL is part of the University of Reading. For further details on MERL see www.reading.ac.uk/merl

FOLAR Committee 2018/19

Chair: Annabel Downs;Secretary: Colin Moore;Treasurer: Helen Neve; Membership: Helen Brown; Events: Robert Holden

Committee Members: Phillada Ballard; Diana Armstrong Bell; Kristoff Fatsar; Hal Moggridge; Jan Woudstra. Ruth Benson (co-opted/corresponding)

Join Us!

If you would like to join us or are just interested to know more about FOLAR, please get in touch by emailing us with your contact details on the form provided here

Alternatively, click on the Membership page to download our membership application form, or email to info@folar.uk


"Landscape is an expression of the underlying relationship of land and life"

Brenda Colvin, 1948

"Landscape means an area, as perceived by people, whose character is the
result of the action and interaction of natural and/or human factors"

European Landscape Convention, 2004

The Landscape Institute

The Landscape Institute is the professional body for chartered landscape professionals in the UK. It was founded in 1929 as the Institute of Landscape Architects and was renamed the Landscape Institute 50 years later to reflect the wider range of members who specialise in areas of work such as landscape management, policy, planning, ecological survey as well as the core subjects of design and implementation.