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People & Landscape

The table below records individuals who have made a contribution to the landscape profession and the landscape over the period of their lives. The nature of their contributions are varied and reflect the diverse background and experience of each person. Where it is known, the location of the individual's archives are given.

The descriptions contained here are brief and obituaries where relevant are referenced (see below).

FOLAR welcomes feedback and additions to the list.

Key to the abbreviations:

OO=Online obituary (various); LIJ=Journal of the ILA/LI, various successor titles: Landscape & Garden, Wartime Journal, Journal of the ILA, Landscape Design, Landscape (1934-present); OLI=Obituary offline (captured)/LI website

ILA= Institute of Landscape Architects; LI= Landscape Institute;(R)TPI=(Royal) Town Planning Institute; AA=Architectural Association; MERL=Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading; CPRE or CPRW=Council for the Protection of Rural England or CPRWales

Name Description Location of Archive
Abercrombie, Patrick (Sir) (1879-1957) 1939 Fellow of ILA (FILA) & on ILA Council postwar. Other Council members at this time included Clough Williams Ellis, Christopher Hussey, Edwin Lutyens & John Dower. President TPI (1925/6). Abercrombie founder with others of CPRE (1926). Planner/Author: Country of London Plan, 1943 + many others. Blue plaque, Oxton, Wirral, NW England.
Adams, James W R (1989-1969) Past President of the ILA; Town Planner & landscape architect. President TPI (1948/49). Son of Thomas Adams.
Adams, Thomas (1871-1940) Past President of the ILA. Founder President of Town Planning Institute (1914/15). Born Scotland.Worked in Olmstead's office in New York, USA on Westchester Parkway. Ideas brought back from US inspired others in UK, inc. Brenda Colvin. "My eyes were opened by Thomas Adams....I went to America on the strength of (his 1931) talk" ("Meaning and scope of landscape architecture and its relation to town planning") quoted in Landscape by Design, 1979, p.122.
Adburgham, Jocelyn Landscape Architect, Fellow of the ILA (FILA). Architect & first woman member of RITP (now RTPI) in 1928. Worked on regional plans and projects for Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire & Cambridgeshire. Founded with others, including Judith Ledeboer, the Housing Centre, London.
Agar, Madelaine
Contemporary of Gertrude Jekyll. Trained with engineers in America. Ran course in garden design at Swanley Agricultural College. Pupils included Brenda Colvin. Advisor to the Conservators of Wimbledon Common (damaged by army use in WWI). Obit by Brenda Colvin in LIJ No. 80 1967.
Allen, Marjory (1897-1976) Founder Member of ILA. Landscape Architect, Fellow of ILA (FILA). Pioneer of Adventure playgrounds in the UK. Married name: Lady Allen of Hurtwood. Brother: Colin Gill who designed the first ILA logo. Cousin of the artist Eric Gill.
Modern Records Centre, Univ. of Warwick
Appleton, Jay (1919-2015) Hon. Member of the Landscape Institute. Geographer, Professor at University of Hull all his professional life. Author: (1975) The Experience of Landscape. Devised "prospect-refuge" theory . Biennial Appleton lectures at Hull named in his honour. OO Obituary, The Guardian, June 2015 by John Houghton Moss. Donated his "painting" of the prospect-refuge theory to the LI archive which is now held at MERL, University of Reading MERL, Univ. of Reading (pt.)
Barber, Allan (1942-2011) Champion of Parks and Open Spaces. Past President, ILAM, Cabe Commissioner, CabeSpace (2003 onwards) see Cabe legacy website and OO Obituary.
Bradshaw, A D (Tony) (1926-2008) Evolutionary biologist & restoration ecologist. Professor of Botany, University of Liverpool. Started as an ecologist interested in plant growth on problem soils and this led to much land reclamation work. Founder of the Environmental Advisory Unit, University of Liverpool in 1976; 1981Founder with others of 1st Groundworks Trust in St. Helens, Merseyside; helped set up Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (now CIEEM) and its first President; 1988 made Hon. member of British Ecological Society. Author (with Mike Chadwick) of The Restoration of Land (1980). OO Obituary by Alistair Fitter, The Guardian, September 2008
Brown, Michael (1922-1996) OO Obituary, The Independent, March 1996 by Tom Stuart Smith MERL, Univ. of Reading
Cane, Percy (1881-1976)
Garden Designer & Landscape Architect. See Ronald Webber's book: Percy Cane: Garden Designer EH Archives, Swindon/RHS Lindley Library
Chadwick, George 1953 Associate ILA. Lecturer, Univ. of Manchester, later Univ. of Newcastle. Author: The Park & the Town
Clamp, Hugh Past President of the ILA (1991-1993)
Clark, Frank (1902-1971) Past President, ILA. Chief Landscape Architect, 1951 Festival of Britain. Reader in Landscape Architecture at University of Reading until 1959. Left to set up landscape architecture course at Univ. of Edinburgh with Laurie Fricker. Founder of Garden History Society. LIJ No. 95,1971 Obituary. See also paper on Frank Clark by Chloe Bennett in DOCOMONOISC Conference Proceedings, April 2011 Founder member of Garden History Society. Obituary LIJ No. 95 (1971). See also paper by Chloe Bennett published in DOCOMONOISC Conference Proceedings, April 2011 Royal Commission on Ancient & Historic Documents, Scotland
Colvin, Brenda (1897-1981) Founder member of the ILA and its first female President (1953-55). Resisted, with Sylvia Crowe, the move by others within the ILA that the fledgling Institute should be incorporated into the RIBA. Instrumental in the decision to change the title of the ILA to the Landscape Institute (to broaden the scope of the profession). She did not enjoy the international reputation of Jellicoe and Crowe in her lifetime, but she was a deep thinker who wrote and spoke eloquently about the future of the landscape profession and, as today, of the vital importance of a multi-functional, healthy landscape based on sound ecological principles and knowledge. Her contributions to the profession and to the practice of landscape architecture are considerable. Author: Land & Landscape (copyright gifted to the Landscape Institute)
"Landscape is an expression of the underlying relationship of land and life" Brenda Colvin, 1948.
MERL, Univ. of Reading
Colwyn Foulkes, S Fellow of the ILA (FILA). LIJ No. 95, 1971,Obituary by Bodfan Gryffdd "named landscape consultant for the first time as required in an act of parliament" (re: hydro-electric generation in Snowdonia National Pk")
Comben, David (1950-2005) LIJ No. 26, Wales Issue, 2006, Obituary.
Crowe, Sylvia (1901-1997) Past President of the ILA; founder member of International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) (1948). One of the key figures of 20th Century landscape architecture. See the publication Sylvia Crowe produced by the LI/Landscape Design Trust. MERL, Univ. of Reading (pt.)/??
Cullen, Gordon (1914-1994) 1960-1993 Subscribing member of the ILA/LI. Architect, Illustrator & Author of Townscape
Daniels, Peter (1924-2015) OO Obituary (The Independent) by Tam Dalyell. Landscape architect & town planner. 1953 graduated from University of Liverpool in architecture and civic design. Mentored by Frank Clark. In practice, including working at Peterlee with artist Victor Pasmore. Tutor at University of Edinburgh (1973-2002) Univ. of Edinburgh
Dower, John (1900-1947) Architect & Town Planner. Wrote White Paper (the Dower Report) that led to the 1949 National Parks & Access to the Countryside Act. He died of tuberculosis in 1947. President of the Ramblers Association at the time of his death and before he saw his plans realised two years later.
Fairbrother, Nan (1913-1971) Registered as Probationer** with the Institute in 1964. Author of New Lives, New Landscapes (**old designation no longer current)
Fieldhouse, Ken d.2002? Landscape Architect/Manager. Editor of Landscape Design published by the Landscape Design Trust set up by the Landscape Institute in 1980s to publish the Institute's inhouse Journal.
Ford, Elizabeth (Liz) (1940-2012) Landscape Architect in own private practice & active supporter for the Landscape Institute's library and archive to be preserved and used for future research. Served on Board of Trustees, Landscape Institute (2008-2012) as Chair of the Technical Committee. Active member of her local LI branch and, among other projects carried out by the branch helped to raise money for the memorial garden designed in memory of LI member, Joanna Yeates, who died in 2010. Part of the production team ( inc. Stephen Wadsworth, Neil Williamson, Martin Hird) on Evolving Spaces 75 Years of Landscape Architecture from the South West (2004) the LISW's contribution to the 75th Anniversary celebrations of the Landscape Institute.
Gillespie, William (Bill) (1926-2011) Past President of the LI. Founded his own private practice in 1962 which grew to become one of the leading practices in the UK Gillespies. 1947, enrolled for the first and only landscape architecture course in the country at that time at the University of Reading. William Gillespie was one of just 5 students on the course under Frank Clark, Reader in Landscape Architecture at the University. OO The Scotsman website, 2011.
Gruffyd, J. St. Bodfan (1910-2004) Past President, ILA. Welsh architect and landscape architect. Helped found the landscape architecture school in Cheltenham (now University of Gloucestershire) in 1961. Obituary?
Hoskins, W G (1908-1992) Author: Making of the English Landscape
Hackett, Brian (1911-1998) OO The Independent, 4 May 1998
Harrison, Roland d.2012? Landscape Architect (Scotland). Part of Farm Advisory Service for Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Schemes (in England) included Leigh Park, Hants and unbuilt schemes including: Hayling Beachlands and Ivyfad Farm Estate, Ashdown, Essex.

Haywood, Sheila
Landscape Architect. Fellow of ILA (FILA). Worked with Sylvia Crowe and Gordon Patterson among others. Designed the gardens for Churchill College, Cambridge in the 1960s. (The Gardens of Churchill College are the subject of a forthcoming book published by the College). See Biography of Sheila Haywood by Paula Laycock on Churchill College website
Herbert, John LIJ Obituary, 1989
Hill, Oliver (1887-1968) Architect, landscape architect. Fellow of the ILA (FILA) and garden designer. See
Hillier, Edwin L d. 1944 Honorary Associate, ILA. LIJ Obituary, No. 7 April ,1945. Son of founder of Hillier & Sons, Nurseryman, Winchester (founded 1864). At the time of Hillier's membership the Institute did not allow full fellowship membership to those who engaged in 'trade', notably nurseryman. The Honorary title awarded here attempted to overcome this obstacle when the Institute wished to recognise someone of Hillier's standing. The thinking at the time (however odd/snobbish as seen from today's perspective of design/build) was that the 'professional' scheme design must be separated from the implemention and therefore the opportunity for additional profit.
Holford, William (Lord) (1907-1975) Fellow of ILA (FILA) and Trustee on ILA Council. President Town Planning Institute (1953-54).
Hope, James (1929-2016) Part of first generation of landscape architects born and trained in Scotland. Graduated from University of Edinburgh in 1964. Involved with post war planning in Scotland
Hopkins, John (1953-2013) Landscape architect, urban designer and environmental planner responsible for the delivery of London's Olympic Park (2012). OO Obituary The Guardian, January 2013 by Oliver Wainwright; OO The Telegraph, February 2013. BBC Radio 4's "Last Word" and at Sir John Armitt is quoted as saying "the green spaces on the Olympic Park will be an enduring legacy of the work of John Hopkins"
Hoskins, WS (1908-1992) Author: Making of the English Landscape Univ. of Leicester
Huddart, Lancelot A (1898-?) Fellow of ILA (FILA). Pupil, later chief landscape architect to TH Mawson & Sons; 1937 Chief Officer for Parks & Open Spaces, Southend on Sea; 1950 on - Chief Officer, Parks, London County Council. Letter from Huddart to ILA, 1944: "I am sorry to be in arrears with my subscription to the Institute but all my affairs have got slightly into arrears owing to enemy action, my home and possessions were badly damaged by a Flying Bomb" (quote from letter in Huddart ILA membership folder at MERL) MERL, Univ. of Reading
Hughes, Cecil E (1875-1941)
See also FOLAR Newsletter, Issue 3 (September 2016)
Jack, Janet (1934-2016) Architect & Landscape Architect. Notable scheme: Alexandra Road, London Garden Museum, London
Jakobsen, Preben (1934-2012) Landscape Architect. Refer to MERL, University of Reading for further information. MERL, Univ. of Reading
Jellicoe, Geoffrey (1900-1996) Past President of ILA. LI Annual Jellicoe Lecture named after Geoffrey Jellicoe. British landscape architect with international reputation. Recognised as one of the most influential landscape architects of the 20th Century. His writings remain in print and his ideas have maintained their relevance into the 21st Century.
Donated Susan Jellicoe's archive to the Landscape Institute after her death in 1986.
MERL, Univ. of Reading
Jellicoe, Susan
Landscape architect and author whose work and writings deserve more recognition and study, but to date her life's work has been unfairly overshadowed by the reputation of her husband, Geoffrey Jellicoe. Her B&W photographic collection, part of the LI Collections are MERL is a valuable article of record of places and sites (in the UK and the wider world) taken at a particular moment in time.
MERL, Univ. of Reading
Jenkins, Gilbert (1876-1957) Founder member of the ILA. Past President of ILA (1935-1937). Chair of ILA's Education Commitee in 1945 alongside town planners William Holford and Thomas Sharp. Obituary by Geoffrey Jellicoe in LIJ No.39, July 1957 "without him the prestige of landscape in this country would not have been so high as it is today"
Lancaster, Michael d.2004 Landscape Architect. LIJ Obituary by Tom Turner
Laurie, Ian C (1925-1989) Elected Fellow ILA (1961) "Ian Laurie's life spanned a crucial period in the development of landscape awareness, and to recount his contribution is to chart the history of the landscape profession since the 2WW" (Janie Thomas, Obituary, LIJ No. 186 Dec. 1989/Jan 1990). Led first landscape planning strategy in support of Durham CC Development Plan, pioneering studies using multi-disciplinary teams. River Tyne study (1965) innovative study which anticipated the need to plan the landscape of whole river corridors as industrial decline set in. Moved to Manchester 1962 to become Director of 1st landscape design course. Founder member of Landscape Research Group & Landscape Education Group. Founder member of the ILA/LI's NW group. Publications include Nature in Cities (1979) and Reflections on Landscape (1987); E. Cheshire Parks & Gardens (1987) with Landscape Institute NW chapter/branch
Laurie, Michael (1933-2002) Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1953 enrolled on course in landscape architecture under Frank Clark at University of Reading. Studied also at Univ. of Pennsylvania etc. OO Obituary, The Scotsman, 2002 Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA
Ledeboer, Judith (1901-1990) Landscape Architect, Fellow of ILA (FILA). Trained at AA (1926-31); Cambridge graduate, asst @ Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford. Co-founded with Jocelyn Adburgham the Housing Centre, London. First woman architect at the Ministry of Health (see also involvement with new towns of Harlow & Hemel Hempstead). Founded with others, including Jocelyn Adburgham the Housing Centre, London. Resigned from ILA in 1961 as unable to continue to take active part in Institute.
Livingston, Georgina (1941-2013) Landscape Architect
Lovejoy, Derek (1925-2000) Past President of the ILA. Founder of international practice, Derek Lovejoy & Partners c.1956. Retired in 1988.
Lowe, Jack (1922-2012) Town planner/landscape architect. County Director of Planning, Nottingham. OO Obituary by Charles Smart. Landscape Institute website
Lutyens, Edwin (Sir) (1869-1944) Architect. 2nd Hon. Fellow of ILA (FILA). LIJ Obituary by Clough Williams Ellis, April 1944. Collaborations with Gertrude Jekyll.
Marshall, Frank (1928-2012) Donated (through his family) the Milner White archive to the LI Collections at MERL, University of Reading MERL, Univ. of Reading
Mawson, Thomas H (1861-1933) 1st President ILA (1929). Due to illness took no active part in the affairs of the Institute but, as the foremost landscape architect of the time, was the natural choice to be the figurehead first President. Brenda Colvin, quoted in Landscape by Design (1979) reported that when ex-Swanley students put to him the idea of forming a professional body "He thought that his own firm and that of Milner White were enough to deal with the British Isles and had no wish to encourage younger rivals". Lancashire R.O (pt.)
Mitchell, Mary (1923-1988) Fellow ILA. Landscape Architect. Worked with Marjory Allen as playground consultants. LIJ Obituary, April 1989. Legacy left by Mary Mitchell to the Landscape Institute. The money was used to top up the LI's annual student travel award fund.
Page, Russell (1906-1985) Landscape architect & garden designer. Taught at University of Reading pre-war. Fellow of ILA (FILA), Consultant Landscape Architect on Festival of Britain Pleasure Gardens, Battersea. Lived in France 1945-1962. International practice. Author: The Education of a Gardener, 1962 Garden Museum, London
Nicholson, EMN (Max) (1904-2003) Environmentalist, Author, Ornithologist & Administrator. For full details about his life and honours/positions held refer to:
A small selection of these shown here: Honorary Fellowships: (inc.) British Ecological Society; RIBA; RTPI; RSPB; Royal Geographical Society; Institute of Biology; RSA. Organisations: (inc.)founder/DG: The Nature Conservancy (1949/1952-1966); Chairman: Land Use Consultants (1966-1994); Conference: The Countryside in 1970 (1963)
Royal Geographic Society, London
Parpagliolo Shephard, Maria Fellow of ILA (FILA). 1949 Became editor of the ILA's Journal. Worked on 1951 Festival of Britain. See On Design No. 96, 1971 re: restoration of Babur-I-Bagh Restoring a Mughal Garden, Kabul, Afghanistan
Pickering, Maurice (1927-?)
Reith, John (Lord Reith of Stonehaven) Founder of BBC. First Honorary Fellow of ILA and on ILA Council (see also Abercrombie, Patrick et al). Became member of ILA after leaving government office.
Rendel, Simon (1941-1997) Landscape Architect with Ash consulting practice. Produced first tranquil area maps for CPRE.
Rettig, Stephen (1951-1987) Obituary by Sheila Harvey in LIJ?
Sampson, Douglas (1936-2011) Landscape architect and founding partner of Derek Lovejoy & Partners. OO Obituary LI website by James Welch, 2011
Sharp, Evelyn (Dame) (1903-1985) Evelyn Sharp was seen as an "ally in Whitehall" of the fledgling ILA in the 1950s. However, in 2002, her contribution was re-examined by Tristram Hunt, the historian and MP who wrote: "Dame Evelyn was typical of an arrogant bureaucratic elite who severed our architectural bonds with the past, destroyed the civic fabric and delivered the British city over to the automobile. We are only just emerging from her dark reign". (downloaded 3.12.16 from Quite why Dame Evelyn alone, a powerful woman in a very male civil service, was singled out for such condemnation perhaps needs further research?
Sharp, Thomas (1901-1978) Past President of ILA (1949-51). President Town Planning Institute (1945/6). Author of several books on towns and townscape. 1952 Gifted the Presidential badge to the Institute
Shepheard, Peter (1913-2002) Past President of ILA. OO Obituaries April 2002: The Telegraph; The Guardian; The Independent; The New York Times May 2002 by Eric Pace. MERL, Univ. of Reading/RIBA Collection
Skinner, David (1928-1989) Professor David Skinner LIJ Obituary April 1989 . Founded undergraduate course at Herriott Watt University, Scotland in 1974 and Head of LA Department. David Skinner Memorial Lecture set up in 1991 at Edinburgh College of Art
Smith, Alan (1931-2016)
Sudell, Richard (1900-1968) Founder Member of ILA. Editor ILA's first journal produced in the 1930s: Garden & Landscape. LIJ Obituary Feb. 1969.

Tandy, Clifford d. ? Past President of the ILA. Editor, Handbook of Urban Landscape (1972). Based on technical notes published in the Architects Journal in 1970 and 1971. 1960 Worked for Ministry of Public Buildings and Works until he resigned from government office due to the non recognition by government at that time of the professional qualifications of the ILA. Moved to Land Use Consultants (LUC), a private practice set up by Max Nicholson (EM Nicholson) and JR Herbert. Photographic Collection at MERL, Univ. of Reading
Taylor, Jim (1948-2015) 'student' member of LI. Nottingham County Council OO LI website Obituary by LI trustee, Kate Bailey
Teal, Frazer d. 2005? Gillespies NW office/Liverpool Garden Festival.
Thompson, John (1941-2015) Landscape Architect. OO Obituaries The Guardian; Oxford Mail, 2016. "As the city of Oxford's landscape architect John Thompson was responsible for planting an estimated 10,000 trees in and around the city, a legacy of which he was rightly proud. After retirement he continued to contribute on a voluntary basis both locally and nationally for, among others the Garden History Society and the Landscape Institute". Quoted in FOLAR newsletter, Issue No. 3, 2016
Thompson, Marian (also Grierson) (-1999) Landscape architect, lecturer & artist. Studied at Wye College, later Thames Polytechnic. Worked for Timothy Cochrane's practice. Thompson worked with different architects including Arup Associates and got to know American born art collector Stanley J. Seeger (1930-2011). Thompson worked on the gardens at Seeger's home (1980-1986) Sutton Place and the restoration of the Gertrude Jekyll designed gardens at his next home, The Deanery, Sonning, Berkshire (architect: Edwin Lutyens, 1899). In 1989 Thompson left Thames Polytechnic joining a plant hunting group at Jardin Botanica, Brazil. Here she painted new species of plants over 6 months, staying a further 3 months painting watercolours. MERL, Univ. of Reading
Tunnard, Christopher (1910-1979) ILA member until move to USA in late 1930s. Landscape Architect with Serge Chermayeff on Chermayeff House, Sussex (1937). Author: Gardens in the Modern Landscape (1938). See also Landscape Modernism Renounced: The Career of Christopher Tunnard (1910-1979) by David Jacques.
Turnbull, Mark (1943-2016) OO Obituary, The Scotsman, July 2016 and September 2016 on LI website."Mark was a prominent practitioner, mentor and friend to many across the landscape profession in Scotland, the UK and beyond. In his role as Chairperson Mark reinvigorated the Landscape Institute Scotland from a Branch that was in the doldrums. His energy, enthusiasm and drive to promote Landscape Architects and Landscape Architecture in Scotland was astonishing and inspirational. He was a guiding spirit for us all, always ready to listen, engage people in our cause and fight for a stronger profession. The work he has achieved for both the Landscape Institute on the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Technical Committee, and as Chairperson of this Branch over the last few years will never be forgotten." LI Scotland. (extract from FOLAR Newsletter, Issue no. 3, September 2016, p.6)
Weddle, Arnold (1924-1997) Past President of ILA. 1967 made Professor of Landscape Architecture of the first independent Department of Landscape Architecture to be founded in the UK, at the University of Sheffield. Founded Weddle Landscape Design based in Sheffield. Author: Techniques of Landscape Architecture, 1967.
Williams-Ellis, Clough (1883-1978) Fellow of ILA (FILA), Fellow of RTPI and RIBA. Founder member of both CPRE and CPRW. Campaigner for rural preservation. Built the village of Portmeirion in Wales.
Wright, Tom (1928-2016) Senior Lecturer, Landscape Management Course at Wye College (from inception: 1970-1995); encouraged the ILA to grow its membership (as in 1979) to become the LI and include managers as full members. Author (with John Watkins (EH) of The Management and Maintenance of Historic Parks, Gardens & Landscape. The EH Landscape
Wood, Jane (1925-1996) Fellow of ILA (FILA). Obituary LIJ, Sept 1996 No. 253. Landscape architect with Morris & Steadman (Scotland)
Yeates, Joanna (1985-2010) Landscape architect. Memorial Garden for Jo, designed by LISW branch, created in Sir Harold Hillier Garden & Arboretum, nr Amfield, Hampshire.
Young, Paul (1947-1994) Architect and Landscape Architect. Teacher and Mentor. OO Obituary (The Independent) by Peter Clements, 1994. "The legacy of the (Liverpool Garden) festival and the environmental potential it heralded is a fitting and lasting memorial to his persistence and creativity".
Youngman, Peter (1911-2005) Past President of the ILA (1963-65) OO Obituary (The Independent) & in LIJ 2005.