Lasker Rose Garden, Oxford (1)

The Lasker Rose Garden, Magdalen College, Oxford
Landscape Architect: Sylvia Crowe. Completed: 1953
Photographs © Hal Moggridge, 2018
Description: The garden was designed to commemorate the development of penicillin as an antibiotic in Oxford during the 1940s. The American donor for the research, Mary Lasker, stipulated that it should be for a rose garden. [Listed in Historic England’s Register of Parks & Gardens]

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The Landscape Institute (LI) has introduced a new award category for 2018, named in honour of Dame Sylvia Crowe (1901-1997). See LI website for details. Crowe is a Past President of the ILA (now LI) and a founder member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). And she is one of only four women LI presidents of the Institute since its founding in 1929. Crowe was the second female President in the 1950s, following on from the first woman president Brenda Colvin (1897-1981). Only in the noughties were two further women elected to this honorary position: Kathryn Moore in 2004 and Sue Illman in 2012.

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